Wilderness by Mischa de Ridder

Widerness Photographs by Mischa de Ridder
Artimo, Amsterdam, 2003.
72 pages, 54 color illustrations, 12”x14½″.

This book was published five years ago, and we are shocked that it is still available. It has a series of 18 wonderful landscapes, and a set of double sided pages that can be removed to form two different wall sized photographs. The pieced together image is not a Gursky, but it would make any dentist from the 70’s envious, and have flashbacks of their waiting room. In the current economical climate you probably will hold off on buying that Gursky, but you can afford to purchase this book before it’s out of print. Right now, Wilderness is a steal at $42…add one to your collection. -PIP

In this book, lushly photographed flora isolated in nature alternates with enlarged details from the wilderness compositions that emphasize the four-color separation methods used in commercial printing. The detail pages encourage appreciation for the graphic qualities of the quiet views of undeveloped nature where tree bark ridges and layered flowering branches become organic patterns. The book’s pages are perforated for easy removal as the included images can be assembled to create two wall sized installations, each 1644 x 2082 mm (64.5 x 82.1 inches). -Artimo

Wilderness is available at Ooga Booga

Finding Thoughts by Cuny Janssen


Finding Thoughts Photographs by Cuny Janssen.
Photographer’s Gallery, Amsterdam, 2006.
80 pages, 40 color illustrations, 6¾”x9″.

It took us forever to get our hands on this book. It was worth the wait because the book is terrific. Cuny Janssen is making some of the most interesting books currently. Pick up any of her books, you will not be disappointed. -PIP

Dutch photographer Cuny Janssen’s landscapes and portraits of children track her travels from Iran to India, Macedonia, France, and back to the Netherlands. Her social concern is evident in the choice of locations and subjects, and even in her timing: she went to Macedonia after ethnic violence had left many families displaced. Although the sitters are not identified by name in her final works, Janssen spends a substantial amount of time with each child and his or her family. What emerges is a highly contemplative body of work, and an ultimately optimistic view of matters of survival and beauty. Janssen cites among her influences Thomas Struth, Robert Adams, eighteenth-century Swiss portrait painter Ferdinand Hodler and Marcel Proust. Accordingly, a commonplace book of quotes from sages including Man Ray, Carl Sandberg and Pipilotti Rist is printed on the tissue paper that is interleaved with the images. Among the quotations appears a motto of sorts for this portfolio: “Let’s be proud and friendly.” - PG

Finding Thoughts is available at Amazon

A Shimmer of Possibility by Paul Graham

A Shimmer of Possibility. Photographs by Paul Graham. 415wdfgjrl_ss500_.jpg
Steidl Mack, 2007.
360 pages, 160 color illustrations, 13×10″

Since all the recent scholarship about “photobooks,” this is the most important and interesting thing to happen. This is a must have for any book collection. Paul Graham, and Steidl have created a classic. Get it while you can! - PIP

Inspired by Chekhov’s short stories-and by his own contagious joy in the book form-photographer Paul Graham has created A Shimmer of Possibility, comprised of 10 individual books, each a photographic short story of everyday life. Some are simple and linear-a man smokes a cigarette while he waits for a bus in Las Vegas, or the camera tracks an autumn walk in Boston. Some entwine two, three or four scenes-while a couple carry their shopping home in Texas, a small child dances with a plastic bag in a garden. Some watch a quiet narrative break unexpectedly into a sublime moment-as a man cuts the grass in Pittsburgh it begins to rain, until the low sun breaks through and illuminates each drop. Graham’s filmic haikus shun any forceful summation or tidy packaging. Instead, they create the impression of life flowing around and past us while we stand and stare, and make it hard not to share the artist’s quiet astonishment with its beauty and grace. The 10 books gathered here are identical in trim size, but vary in length from just a single photograph to 60 pages of images made at one street corner. Paul Graham’s work has been widely exhibited and published for 25 years, most recently in the book American Night. -Steidl

A Shimmer of Possibility is available at Amazon

Five Books by Henry Wessel.

Five Books. California and the West, Odd Photos, Las Vegas, Real Estate Photographs, Night Walk.41qjjuff4bl_ss500_.jpg
Photographs by Henry Wessel.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2005.
154 pages, five slipcased softbacks, 56 color illustrations, 10×9½”.

This is a great set of books. If this is not in your collection you need to purchase this set before it goes out of print.

The photographs in these five books represent a sustained effort to describe the contemporary vernacular landscape of Southern California and the American West. From his early work in the 1970’s to the most recent series in Las Vegas (2000–2004), Wessel’s wit and insight illuminate a world rich in nuance, humor, and irony.

For the past thirty years, Henry Wessel has observed and recorded the unusual and the iconic, the light, the landscape, and the surprising effects both have on the people who made their way to the edge. In the end, the work creates a synthesis that reflects our world back on to us, challenging us to examine our preconceptions of Southern California and the American West. - Steidl

Five Books is available at Amazon

House Hunting - Todd Hido - 2nd Printing

House Huntinghido_househunting.jpg Photographs by Todd Hido.
Text by A.M. Homes.
Nazraeli Press, Tucson, 2001.
56 pages, 26 four-color illustrations, hardback, 14×17″
Out of Pint

The 1st edition of this book is selling for upwards of $1300.00 on Amazon.

This reprint (2000 copies) will sell out fast…so pick one up while you can.

2nd Printing available at Amazon

Scorpio - Mike Slack

Scorpioslack_mike_scorpio.jpg Photographs by Mike Slack.
The Ice Plant, Los Angeles, 2006.
80 pages, 41 color illustrations, hardback, 7×9″.
Limited to 2000 copies

Scorpio is vailable at The Ice Plant, and Amazon

Ok Ok Ok - Mike Slack

Ok Ok Okslack_mike_okokok.jpg Photographs by Mike Slack.
Edited by Jason Fulford.
J&L Books, Atlanta, 2002.
80 pages, 40 color illustrations, hardback, 7×9″
Out of Print

Mike Slack lives in Los Angeles and works as a sales rep for various publishers. OK OK OK, his first book, is a collection of polaroids, taken across the United States.

Second Edition available at The Ice Plant, and Amazon

Home - Lars Tunbjork

Home tunbjork_lars_home.jpgPhotographs by Lars Tunbjork.
Text by Goran Odbratt.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2003.
106 pages, 49 color illustrations, hardback, 11½x10½”.
Out of Print

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