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These Birds Walk Books
4096 Piedmont Ave #701
Oakland, CA 94611

Subscription Series

Series One: Jim Goldberg, Ari Macropoulos, Paul Schiek, and Mike Brodie

Series Two: Todd Hido, Marianne Mueller, Abner Nolan, and Alec Soth

These books do not need to be hyped up. The first series had a great look and feel to them, and somehow flew below the radar of most photobook enthusiasts. The model Paul Schiek (the mastermind behind TBW) is following seems closer to that of an indie rock label then a book publisher. Paul is completely grassroots, and uses a lot of local Oakland folk to produce the books. For both series he has secured an all star line up of photographers who believe in his do it yourself ideals.

Amazingly the first series (limited edition of 500) is still available, so you should scoop up a set before it is out of print. We would also recommend you purchase the second series for yourself, or any photobook lover. The best part of the subscription is every few weeks you get a new book in the mail. Paul has informed us that series two will have a slightly modified format. PIP is excited to see the new look, and thrilled that Todd Hido’s book is expected to ship next Monday, the 22nd of December.

Around this time of year a lot of people make list of the years top photobooks, and the result is fellow book lovers purchase those suggested books. If you are going to make one book purchase this year, or give a gift to any fan of photography this holiday season, the good folks at PIP think TBW’s Subscription Series is hands down the best choice possible. Support independent publishers! - PIP

You can purchase, and get more info about TBW’s Subscription Series at These Birds Walk

Other Nature by Ron Jude


Other Nature Photographs by Ron Jude
The Ice Plant, Los Angeles, 2008.
80 pages, 35 color illustrations, 10½”x7″.

This book is a bit of a departure from Ron Jude’s last book Alpine Star, which consisted of appropriated photographs from a local newspaper. Here Jude is sharing large format landscapes in a beautifully designed book, brought to you by the good folks at The Ice Plant. The images are quiet, insightful, and reflect Jude’s ability to create compelling work, which has a story, but is not synthetic or heavy handed. Other Nature has it all, great images, thoughtful design, and an affordable price ($30.00). Pick up a copy for yourself, and one for any fan of art, photography, or books. -PIP

In his previous book, Alpine Star, photographer and publisher Ron Jude appropriated and recast a collection of his hometown newspaper photographs as a cryptically humorous meditation on the grey area between personal history and collective memory. Jude’s latest series of photographs, Other Nature, adds a more intimate, diaristic strain to this line of inquiry, combining two separate sets of his own 4 x 5 color pictures (made between 2001 and 2008) to create a subtle and uncanny investigation of the “slippery threshold of narrative” in still images. Drawing on the concerns of the New Topographics photographers, Jude’s accounts of anonymous motel rooms and the stranger regions of the American landscape could, on first glance, be mistaken for an ecological critique. But as the exterior and interior details of these environments (floral patterns, wood grain, sunlight) begin to activate, interrupt and inform each other, the book shifts into a more abstract, subjective register, provoking reflections on photography, the visible world and things hovering just outside our physical perception. -The Ice Plant

Ron Jude was born in Los Angeles in 1965 and spent his early years as a ski racer in the Pacific Northwest. His photographs have been exhibited at the Photographer’s Gallery (London), the High Museum of Art (Atlanta) and Roth/Horowitz Gallery (New York), and have been published in numerous magazines including The New Yorker, Blind Spot, Nest and DoubleTake. Jude is the co-founder of A-Jump Books ( and the author of Alpine Star and Postcards. He currently lives and works in upstate New York.

Purchase Other Nature

Farewell Books

Farewell Books

Earlier this year we posted about Farwell’s most recent release Making a Map by Wakaba Noda. Since then we have seen the rest of their books, and we’re thoroughly impressed with all of the books produced by this press. Each book has a unique feel, and the design compliments the photographic work. Thus far they have an interesting lineup. Sign up for their mailing list, and take note of any book released by this press. -PIP

Farewell Books is an independent publisher based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We produce and publish limited edition books with photography as our primary interest. Farewell Books was founded in 2007. -Farewell

Books are available direct from Farewell

A-Jump Books

A-Jump Books
105 First Street
Ithaca, NY 14850

This small press has hit the nail on the head. Their books are beautiful objects, in which, the design is influenced by the work housed within. They are also very affordable ranging in price from $10 - $20. You should really give this press a look, and pick up a copy of Alpine Star by Ron Jude…an interesting book where Jude appropriates photographs from a local newspaper. More to come about A-Jump books in the near future. -PIP

A-Jump Books is a small publishing house dedicated to producing books that challenge convention through understatement and artistic rigor. Using the “artist’s book” concept as a model, we publish projects that are conceived of and designed as self-contained works. A-Jump

Signed copies of all books are available directly from A-Jump

Making a Map by Wakaba Noda


Making a Map Photographs by Wakaba Noda
Farewell, Gothenburg, 2008.
32 Pages, 28 color illustrations, 6×7¾”

Great production quality for a new small press. Everything about this book is well done. I really like the work, and look forward to seeing what comes next from this cool little press, and Wakaba Noda.

Buy it from Farewell, not PhotoEye! - PIP

Trying to create a perfect place by assembling photographs of small wonders, Noda makes a map of a world not defined by geography, but by the possibilities that photography offers. Making A Map is Wakaba Noda’s first book. -Farewell

Making a Map is available here

Streets and Trails by Bernhard Fuchs

Streets and Trails by Bernhard Fuchs.0cdc2e082184b6a4574f09207f8ab074.jpg
Hassla Books, New York, 2008.
28 pages, color illustrations, 8×9″.
Edition of 500

This is the best book Hassla has put out to date. All around this book is stronger, from the production to the work housed inside. You should definitely pick this up for your collection, and keep your eye out for what Hassla produces in the future. The book is $18.

Buy it from Hassla, not Photoeye! - PIP

Streets and Trails is available here.

Hassla Books

Hassla Books


David Schoerner Photographs by David Schoerner.
Hassla Books, New York, 2007.
12 pages, 10 color illustrations, 8×5½”.
Edition 500, numbered by artist.

The Beginning Photographs by Ola Rindal.
Hassla Books, New York, 2007.
20 Pages, 10 color illustrations, 8×6″.
Edition 500.

Check out the photobooks published by this cool little press. Their first two photography books are a strong start, and Photography in Print looks forward to seeing what else this independent press puts out in the future. You can’t beat the price, $12 per book. Support Independent Publishers! - PIP

Hassla Books is an independent publishing company with a focus on art, photography and literature. We specialize in publishing small, low-run artist books that feature the work of both emerging and established artists, always working one-on-one with the artists to create a publication that evokes the very essence of the artist’s focus. This intimate process, coupled with Hassla’s simple ascetic, allows for an interior view into the artist’s work.

Hassla Books was founded in January, 2007 in Amherst, New Hampshire by David Schoerner. The first publication was released in March. In July 2007, Hassla moved to New York City and is currently working on it’s fourth publication. - Hassla Bio

Hassla books are available at

Hackney Flowers by Stephen Gill

Hackney Flowers. Photographs by Stephen Gill. hackneyflowers2.jpg
Nobody, London, 2007.
114 Pages, 65 color illustraitons, 11¼x8¾”.

UK photographer Stephen Gill has again used his surroundings as the inspiration for this beautiful and evocative series. Hackney Flowers evolved from Gill’s longstanding interest in Hackney, East London. For this volume, Gill collected flowers, seeds, berries and objects from Hackney, then pressed them in his studio and re-photographed them alongside his own photographs and other found ephemera, thus building up multi-layered images built from the area. Some of the base photographs were also buried in Hackney Wick, allowing the subsequent decay to imprint upon the images, stressing this collaboration with place. A parallel series also runs within this finely produced book, showing members of the Hackney public with floral details on their person. This is a warm, poetic and visually exciting book containing images that leave an overwhelming sense of color, emotion and rhythm extracted from a single borough of London.

Hackney Flowers is available at Amazon

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