The Americans by Robert Frank


The Americans Photographs by Robert Frank. Introduction by Jack Kerouac.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2008.
180 pages, 83 tritone illustrations, 8¼x7¼”

One, or all three of these new versions should be in your collection. Another amazing Steidl reprint…clearly a classic! -PIP

On May 15, 1958, the first edition of Robert Frank’s The Americans was published in Paris. Les Américains was part of a series of books which presented foreign countries through words and pictures. It contained Frank’s 83 photographs in the same sequence as all subsequent editions, with the image on the right hand page juxtaposed with texts from American social and political history, gathered by Alain Bosquet. The following year in the first American edition, the French texts were removed and an introduction by Jack Kerouac was added. Over the subsequent 50 years, The Americans has been republished in many editions, in numerous languages, with a variety of cover designs and even in a range of sizes. It is the most famous photobook ever published, and it changed the face of the medium forever.

Robert Frank discussed with his publisher, Gerhard Steidl, the idea of producing a new version using modern scanning and the finest tritone printing. The starting point was to bring the original prints to Göttingen, Germany, where Steidl is based, from New York.

In July, 2007, Frank visited Göttingen. A new format for the book was worked out and new typography selected. A new cover was designed and Frank personally chose the book cloth, foil for embossing and the endpaper. Most significantly, in the process of working out the layout of the photographs on the page, Frank chose to reproduce un-cropped examples of the photographs when available. Two images were changed completely from the original 1958 and 1959 editions. Then, on a sunny day in July of 2007, the presses started rolling and Robert Frank personally supervised the printing of this latest edition of The Americans.

The Americans is available at Amazon

Making a Map by Wakaba Noda


Making a Map Photographs by Wakaba Noda
Farewell, Gothenburg, 2008.
32 Pages, 28 color illustrations, 6×7¾”

Great production quality for a new small press. Everything about this book is well done. I really like the work, and look forward to seeing what comes next from this cool little press, and Wakaba Noda.

Buy it from Farewell, not PhotoEye! - PIP

Trying to create a perfect place by assembling photographs of small wonders, Noda makes a map of a world not defined by geography, but by the possibilities that photography offers. Making A Map is Wakaba Noda’s first book. -Farewell

Making a Map is available here

Streets and Trails by Bernhard Fuchs

Streets and Trails by Bernhard Fuchs.0cdc2e082184b6a4574f09207f8ab074.jpg
Hassla Books, New York, 2008.
28 pages, color illustrations, 8×9″.
Edition of 500

This is the best book Hassla has put out to date. All around this book is stronger, from the production to the work housed inside. You should definitely pick this up for your collection, and keep your eye out for what Hassla produces in the future. The book is $18.

Buy it from Hassla, not Photoeye! - PIP

Streets and Trails is available here.

Frederick Law Olmsted Landscapes by Lee Friedlander

Frederick Law Olmsted Landscapes. Photographs by Lee Friedlander.61g0jw48i9l_ss500_.jpg
D.A.P., New York, 2008.
84 pages, 89 tritone illustrations, 13×12¾”.

This book is beautifully done, from the images to the selection of end paper. Lee is a master, and this is the type of book you would expect from him. Make sure this is in your collection. -PIP

A natural chronicler of all things uniquely American, photographer Lee Friedlander here puts his lens to the work of Frederick Law Olmsted (1822–1903), designer of many of this country’s most iconic public landscapes and the father of North American landscape architecture. Olmsted was responsible for a staggering number of America’s greatest parks, including the Niagara reservation (North America’s oldest state park),Washington Park, the Biltmore Estate, the U.S. Capitol building landscape and entire parkway systems in Buffalo and Louisville. His most famous work remains New York City’s Central Park, a pioneering egalitarian gesture that, at the time, was very unusual for its ready accessibility. This book, published to coincide with The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2008 exhibition, compiles 89 photographs made by Friedlander in Olmsted’s public parks and private estates.

This stunning collection of rich tritones celebrates the complex, idiosyncratic picture-making of one of the country’s greatest living photographers, and also arrives upon the 150 year anniversary of Olmsted’s 1858 design for Central Park. Rambling across bridges and through open meadows and dense undergrowth, Friedlander locates a pure pleasure in Olmsted’s designs—in the meticulous stonework, the balance of exposure to shade and in the mature, weather-beaten trees that attest to the durability of Olmsted’s vision. -D.A.P.

Frederick Law Olmsted Landscapes is available Amazon

The Westerns by Katy Grannan

The Westerns. Photographs by Katy Grannan.grannan-westerns-cover.jpg
Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco, 2008.
46 Pages, 23 color illustrations, 15×12″.

This is a great oversized, softcover book. Eventually this work will be published in a longer hardback version, and this early edition will be a sought after collectors item. The Westerns is a steal at $25. - PIP

Katy Grannan’s color portraits depict subjects the artist describes as “new pioneers,” northern Californians who struggle to define themselves under the scrutiny of relentless sunlight. California serves as both a literal and metaphorical backdrop for Grannan’s new photographs. It is a mythical destination and a real end-point where sunshine illuminates both the abject and the joyful.

In The Westerns, Grannan explores the uneasy relationship between fixed photographic portraiture and her subjects’ mercurial identities. The photographs are replete with ambiguity and contradiction: they are evidence of an invented, unknowable self, confronting inescapable photographic description. - Fraenkel Gallery

The Westerns is available at Amazon

Hackney Flowers by Stephen Gill

Hackney Flowers. Photographs by Stephen Gill. hackneyflowers2.jpg
Nobody, London, 2007.
114 Pages, 65 color illustraitons, 11¼x8¾”.

UK photographer Stephen Gill has again used his surroundings as the inspiration for this beautiful and evocative series. Hackney Flowers evolved from Gill’s longstanding interest in Hackney, East London. For this volume, Gill collected flowers, seeds, berries and objects from Hackney, then pressed them in his studio and re-photographed them alongside his own photographs and other found ephemera, thus building up multi-layered images built from the area. Some of the base photographs were also buried in Hackney Wick, allowing the subsequent decay to imprint upon the images, stressing this collaboration with place. A parallel series also runs within this finely produced book, showing members of the Hackney public with floral details on their person. This is a warm, poetic and visually exciting book containing images that leave an overwhelming sense of color, emotion and rhythm extracted from a single borough of London.

Hackney Flowers is available at Amazon

Archaeology in Reverse by Stephen Gill

Archaeology in Reverse. Photographs by Stephen Gill. 51ouizz1xl_ss500_.jpg
Nobody, London, 2007.
104 pages, 104 color illustrations, 8½x8½”.

Stephen Gill has learnt this: to haunt the places that haunt him. His photo-accumulations demonstrate a tender vision factored out of experience; alert, watchful, not overeager, wary of that mendacious conceit, “closure.” There is always flow, momentum, the sense of a man passing through a place that delights him. A sense of stepping down, immediate engagement, politic exchange. Then he remounts the bicycle and away. Loving retrievals, like a letter to a friend, never possession What I like about Stephen Gill is that he has learnt to give us only as much as we need, the bones of the bones of the bones… –Iain Sinclair

Continuing to photograph where his award-winning book Hackney Wick left off, Stephen Gill also made Archaeology in Reverse in this personally cherished area of East London. Still making pictures with the camera he bought at Hackney Wick market for 50 pence, for this volume Gill focuses on things that do not yet exist.

This magnificently produced book features traces and clues of things to come in a poetic, sometimes eerie and quiet photographic study of a place in a state of limbo prior to the rapid transformation that the area faces during the build-up to the Olympics in 2012

Archaeology in reverse is available at Amazon

Vinter Photographs by Lars Tunbjork.

Vinter. Photographs by Lars Tunbjork. Edited by Greger Ulf Nilson. 51tvgovhekl_ss500_.jpg
Steidl, Gottingen, 2007.
144 pages, 105 color illustrations, 12¼x9½”.

This is Lars Tunbjörk’s most interesting book to date. He returns to his gritty roots. There are some really great portraits inside. A must have for any Photobook collection. Pick up a copy before it costs as much as Home or A Country Beside Itself! - PIP

‘I often feel beside myself in the wintertime, and I try to go to warmer and lighter places. But the last couple of years I have traveled into the winter and darkness instead-into areas, conditions and encounters in which I don’t really know where the outer and inner begin. And even less where they end.’ Lars Tunbjörk’s photographic explorations of northern Sweden capture the atmosphere of the gloaming winter months in Scandinavia, and the lives of the people who live under those dark skies. Vinter began as a means of surviving the dark part of the year; it has a correspondingly different mood, color range and temperament from Tunbjörk’s previous work, but shares its style, understated humor and often absurd subject matter. The artist was born in 1956 in Borås, on the western coast of Sweden, and now lives and works in Stockholm. His images have been exhibited internationally, and are published regularly through the Paris picture agency VU and in monographs, among them Country Beside Itself (1993), Office (2001), Home (2002), Dom alla (2003) and I Love Borås! (2006). -Steidl

Vinter is available at Amazon

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