Finding Thoughts by Cuny Janssen


Finding Thoughts Photographs by Cuny Janssen.
Photographer’s Gallery, Amsterdam, 2006.
80 pages, 40 color illustrations, 6¾”x9″.

It took us forever to get our hands on this book. It was worth the wait because the book is terrific. Cuny Janssen is making some of the most interesting books currently. Pick up any of her books, you will not be disappointed. -PIP

Dutch photographer Cuny Janssen’s landscapes and portraits of children track her travels from Iran to India, Macedonia, France, and back to the Netherlands. Her social concern is evident in the choice of locations and subjects, and even in her timing: she went to Macedonia after ethnic violence had left many families displaced. Although the sitters are not identified by name in her final works, Janssen spends a substantial amount of time with each child and his or her family. What emerges is a highly contemplative body of work, and an ultimately optimistic view of matters of survival and beauty. Janssen cites among her influences Thomas Struth, Robert Adams, eighteenth-century Swiss portrait painter Ferdinand Hodler and Marcel Proust. Accordingly, a commonplace book of quotes from sages including Man Ray, Carl Sandberg and Pipilotti Rist is printed on the tissue paper that is interleaved with the images. Among the quotations appears a motto of sorts for this portfolio: “Let’s be proud and friendly.” - PG

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Five Books by Henry Wessel.

Five Books. California and the West, Odd Photos, Las Vegas, Real Estate Photographs, Night Walk.41qjjuff4bl_ss500_.jpg
Photographs by Henry Wessel.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2005.
154 pages, five slipcased softbacks, 56 color illustrations, 10×9½”.

This is a great set of books. If this is not in your collection you need to purchase this set before it goes out of print.

The photographs in these five books represent a sustained effort to describe the contemporary vernacular landscape of Southern California and the American West. From his early work in the 1970’s to the most recent series in Las Vegas (2000–2004), Wessel’s wit and insight illuminate a world rich in nuance, humor, and irony.

For the past thirty years, Henry Wessel has observed and recorded the unusual and the iconic, the light, the landscape, and the surprising effects both have on the people who made their way to the edge. In the end, the work creates a synthesis that reflects our world back on to us, challenging us to examine our preconceptions of Southern California and the American West. - Steidl

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Eduardo del Valle and Mirta Gomez - Between Runs

Between Runsbetweenruns.jpg Photographs by Eduardo del Valle and Mirta Gomez.
Nazraeli Press, Tucson, 2006.
48 pages, 32 four-color illustrations, hardback, 12×12″.
Limited to 500 numbered and signed copies. Includes original c-print.

This off-the-wall artist’s book is comprised of photographs made at the Hing Yip printing plant in Dongguan, China by the highly acclaimed husband and wife team of Eduardo del Valle and Mirta Gómez. Between Runs refers to the “down time” artists are given when they are on press, between approving one printing form and waiting to see the next. During a five-day stay in Dongguan to oversee the production of their previous title, Fried Waters, del Valle and Gómez made good use of their down time to produce an insightful body of work that combines elements of traditional Chinese scroll paintings, theatrical backdrops and modern graffiti; all found objects within the sprawling grounds of the printing plant. The resulting images are raw snippets of time that resonate with a rare and unlikely beauty. Del Valle and Gómez are recipients of Guggenheim, Cintas and NEA fellowships in photography. Their work is widely collected and was recently presented in the “Landscape: Recent Acquisitions” exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Between Runs is printed in a limited edition of 500 numbered and signed copies, each with an original Type C photograph, printed by the artists and tipped-in on the back page. - Nazraeli Press

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Scorpio - Mike Slack

Scorpioslack_mike_scorpio.jpg Photographs by Mike Slack.
The Ice Plant, Los Angeles, 2006.
80 pages, 41 color illustrations, hardback, 7×9″.
Limited to 2000 copies

Scorpio is vailable at The Ice Plant, and Amazon

Peter Fraser - Peter Fraser

Peter Fraser Photographs by Peter Fraser.
fraser_peter_cover.jpgText by Gerry Badger.
Nazraeli Press, Tucson, 2006.
64 pages, 42 four-color illustrations, hardback, 14×14″

In the illuminating essay he has written to accompany this new work by Peter Fraser, Gerry Badger tells of the mix of feelings he had on first seeing one of Fraser’s photographs. Moving from surprise, bafflement and incomprehension to admiration and pleasure, he experienced the “flame of recognition” when, to quote James Joyce, the “whatness” of a thing is revealed. Fraser himself has described his pictures of static, seemingly mundane objects as “trying to understand what the world around me is made of.” The results of this quest, which is at once delightfully simple and highly sophisticated, are visually stunning images that, best of all, become more rewarding every time you look at them. Since his work was first exhibited in the early 1980s, Peter Fraser has established himself as one of the most important photographers working in the UK. Drawing inspiration from the work of William Eggleston, with whom he spent a formative two months in 1984, he has become a master in the poetic use of color in his art. In 2004 Fraser was shortlisted for the prestigious Citigroup Photography Prize. An internationally acclaimed photographer, his work has been widely exhibited and is included in many collections in Europe and the United States. - Nazraeli Press

Peter Fraser is available at Nazraeli Press, and Photoeye

Jason Fulford - Raising Frogs for $$$

Raising Frogs for $$$ Photographs by Jason Fulford.
The Ice Plant, Los Angeles, 2006.
96 pages, full color, hardback, 9¼x11½”.

Jason Fulford has arranged his third collection of photographs into eight distinct chapters that can be read as a game, a series of essays, an abstract visual narrative or all of the above. The design of the book is rigid and deliberate, while its meaning is flexible. “The intention of this edit and layout,” Fulford explains, “is to create as many relationships as possible between the pictures as well as the chapters. I like the idea of a meticulously planned-out event that remains unpredictable.” The work in RAISING FROGS FOR $$$ was selected from his personal archive, taken between 1997 and 2005 in various countries. - Ice Plant

Fulford’s photographs have been used on the dust jackets of books by Don Delillo, John Updike, Bertrand Russell, Terry Eagleton, Ha Jin and many others. His work frequently appears in Harper’s and the New York Times. He lives in Brooklyn, NY, and Scranton, PA, and is a co-founder of J&L Books.

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Frank Breuer - Logos Warehouses Containers

Logos Warehouses Containers Photographs by Frank Breuer.
Schaden, Cologne, 2005.
104 Pages, full color, hardcover, 12¼x5½”.

Frank Breuer has been recording standardized industrial spaces in Germany, Holland and Belgium for five years with his large-format camera. Architecture in the predominantly urban cultivated landscape becomes the central element in Breuer’s photographs. Breuer’s interest in modular structures resides in the reduced formal relationships and monochrome sequencing within the photographs themselves.

Parallel to his investigation of generic buildings, Breuer is also interested in commercial trademarks, logos and signs. As identification props for consumer products, one’s ideals and desires are closely linked to trademark names whose logos confront us in virtually all areas of daily life from packaging and magazine advertisements to giant billboards. Breuer sees such signs as having no clearly defined size, and just as in photography, scale can be lost.

Logos Warehouses Containers is available at, and Photoeye

Derek Henderson - The Terrible Boredom of Paradise

The Terrible Boredom of Paradisehenderson_derek_terrible_cover.gif Photographs by Derek Henderson.
Derek Henderson, London, 2005.
132 pages, full color, hardback, 13½x11″

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