New and Usednewandused.jpg Photographs by Marc Joseph.
Edited by Damon Krukowski. Interview with Aaron Rose. Numerous contributing writers.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2006.
150 pages, 60 color illustrations, hardback, 8¾x11″.

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Cherry Blossom Time in Japan friedlander_cherryblossoms.jpgPhotographs by Lee Friedlander.
Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco, 2006.
156 pages, 73 tritones, harback, 8×11″.

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thephotobooktwo_.jpgThe Photobook: A History Volume II
By Martin Parr and Gerry Badger.
Phaidon, London, 2006.
320 pages, 750 color illustrations, hardback, 10×11½”.

Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 224 user reviews.

5×7 Photographs by William Eggleston. eggleston_william_5×7.jpg
Twin Palms Publishers, Santa Fe, 2006.
96 pages, 29 black-and-white and 32 full-color plates, 11×14″.
Limited to 4000 copies.

William Eggleston’s latest monograph features photographs taken during the early 1970s using a large format 5×7 camera. While the book includes imagery typical of the Eggleston oeuvre– streetscapes, parked automobiles, portraits of the strange and disenfranchised–the book also offers never-before-published photographs taken in the nightclubs Eggleston used to frequent.

With it (his camera and portable strobes) Eggleston could shoot in virtual darkness in the juke joints and clubs around Memphis. The portraits are offhand and spontaneous but insistently stark; their brutality is heightened by the absence of color. The portraits have a leveling effect–whether biker or debutante, the people Eggleston photographed are clearly denizens of the same realm. (He) is reminding us: look closely, each of these individuals is subtly different. - Walter Hopps

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Average Rating: 4.9 out of 5 based on 217 user reviews.

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