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Subscription Series

Series One: Jim Goldberg, Ari Macropoulos, Paul Schiek, and Mike Brodie

Series Two: Todd Hido, Marianne Mueller, Abner Nolan, and Alec Soth

These books do not need to be hyped up. The first series had a great look and feel to them, and somehow flew below the radar of most photobook enthusiasts. The model Paul Schiek (the mastermind behind TBW) is following seems closer to that of an indie rock label then a book publisher. Paul is completely grassroots, and uses a lot of local Oakland folk to produce the books. For both series he has secured an all star line up of photographers who believe in his do it yourself ideals.

Amazingly the first series (limited edition of 500) is still available, so you should scoop up a set before it is out of print. We would also recommend you purchase the second series for yourself, or any photobook lover. The best part of the subscription is every few weeks you get a new book in the mail. Paul has informed us that series two will have a slightly modified format. PIP is excited to see the new look, and thrilled that Todd Hido’s book is expected to ship next Monday, the 22nd of December.

Around this time of year a lot of people make list of the years top photobooks, and the result is fellow book lovers purchase those suggested books. If you are going to make one book purchase this year, or give a gift to any fan of photography this holiday season, the good folks at PIP think TBW’s Subscription Series is hands down the best choice possible. Support independent publishers! - PIP

You can purchase, and get more info about TBW’s Subscription Series at These Birds Walk