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A Road Divided, naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 Photographs by Todd Hido
Nazraeli Press, naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 Portland, naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 2010.
64 pages, naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 28 color illustrations, naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 14×17″.

Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 It is a curious way to open a book: “…It is just as probable that I have also written the one–or two–best books I shall ever write. Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 They are done with. Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 That is how things go. Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 And it is most unlikely that a second burst of inspiration will alter this irreversible fact…This is where the rest of life begins….”

Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 Nevertheless, naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 this is the epigraph that introduces Todd Hido’s latest monograph A Road Divided. Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 Baudrillard’s words might suggest decline–a fall from greatness. Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 In the case of A Road Divided it is just the opposite. Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 Rather, naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 it is as though we are invited to witness to a grande beginning. Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 Hido’s monographs are often celebrated for their elegant design and the beautiful yet understated aesthetic that Nazraeli Press books are known for. Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 Not only did they put out this most recent monograph, naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 Nazraeli also published Hido’s 2004 series, naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 Roaming. Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 Years later, naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 A Road Divided is a continuation or extension of the photographer’s earlier landscape work.

Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 In this book, naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 Hido returns to the aimless roads and empty terrains captured earlier in his career. Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 The attenuated, naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 windswept forms appear accented by a painter’s brush. Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 This effect is achieved by ingenious use of the blurry, naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 rain-streaked ‘lens’ of the artist’s car window. Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 The monotone palette of each image serves to gather a wide spectrum of feelings and memories into each resounding image. Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 We recall Emily Dickinson’s stark words: “Nature is a haunted house–but Art–is a house that tries to be haunted.”

Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 Perhaps that is the difference between Hido’s past work and A Road Divided. Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 The latter is an expansion, naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 an avid embrace of life itself. Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 It does not try, naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 but truly haunts. Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 Not only does A Road Divided feel more considered in terms of image sequencing, naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 the photographs themselves possess a poignancy that registers on a higher level. Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 As an object, naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 the book is truly beautiful. Naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 We at PIP encourage you to ride shotgun with Hido, naprosyn 250mg pills $115.00 and take a ride.

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