The Photograph As Contemporary Art. cotton_charlotte_the-photoas.jpg
Numerous contributing photographers, text by Charlotte Cotton.
Thames & Hudson, New York, 2004.
224 pages, full color, softback, 8¼x6″.

Charlotte Cotton is Curator and Department Head of Photographs at Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Previously, she was Head of Programming at The Photographers’ Gallery in London and Curator of Photographs at the Victoria and Albert Museum from 1993to 2004. She has curated many exhibitions of historical and contemporary photography including, ‘Imperfect Beauty: the making of contemporary fashion photographs’ (2000), ‘Out of Japan’ (2002), ‘Stepping In and Out: contemporary documentary photography’ (2003) and ‘Guy Bourdin’ (2003). Charlotte is the author and editor of publications such as ‘Imperfect Beauty’ (2000), ‘Then Things Went Quiet’ (2003), ‘Guy Bourdin’ (2003) and ‘The Photograph as Contemporary Art’ (2005).

Charlotte also interviewed Ed Panar for his new book Golden Palms published by PIP favorite J&L.