Five Books. California and the West, Odd Photos, Las Vegas, Real Estate Photographs, Night Walk.41qjjuff4bl_ss500_.jpg
Photographs by Henry Wessel.
Steidl, Gottingen, 2005.
154 pages, five slipcased softbacks, 56 color illustrations, 10×9½”.

This is a great set of books. If this is not in your collection you need to purchase this set before it goes out of print.

The photographs in these five books represent a sustained effort to describe the contemporary vernacular landscape of Southern California and the American West. From his early work in the 1970’s to the most recent series in Las Vegas (2000–2004), Wessel’s wit and insight illuminate a world rich in nuance, humor, and irony.

For the past thirty years, Henry Wessel has observed and recorded the unusual and the iconic, the light, the landscape, and the surprising effects both have on the people who made their way to the edge. In the end, the work creates a synthesis that reflects our world back on to us, challenging us to examine our preconceptions of Southern California and the American West. - Steidl

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