Vinter. Photographs by Lars Tunbjork. Edited by Greger Ulf Nilson. 51tvgovhekl_ss500_.jpg
Steidl, Gottingen, 2007.
144 pages, 105 color illustrations, 12¼x9½”.

This is Lars Tunbjörk’s most interesting book to date. He returns to his gritty roots. There are some really great portraits inside. A must have for any Photobook collection. Pick up a copy before it costs as much as Home or A Country Beside Itself! - PIP

‘I often feel beside myself in the wintertime, and I try to go to warmer and lighter places. But the last couple of years I have traveled into the winter and darkness instead-into areas, conditions and encounters in which I don’t really know where the outer and inner begin. And even less where they end.’ Lars Tunbjörk’s photographic explorations of northern Sweden capture the atmosphere of the gloaming winter months in Scandinavia, and the lives of the people who live under those dark skies. Vinter began as a means of surviving the dark part of the year; it has a correspondingly different mood, color range and temperament from Tunbjörk’s previous work, but shares its style, understated humor and often absurd subject matter. The artist was born in 1956 in Borås, on the western coast of Sweden, and now lives and works in Stockholm. His images have been exhibited internationally, and are published regularly through the Paris picture agency VU and in monographs, among them Country Beside Itself (1993), Office (2001), Home (2002), Dom alla (2003) and I Love Borås! (2006). -Steidl

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